This eight part series chronicles the rise of America and the small cluster of businessmen who helped turn the country into the world’s leading superpower, while at the same time making themselves extraordinarily wealthy. Starting in 1865 and culminating at the end of World War II, the story moves from one historical event to the next with a heavily-researched, fictional narrative woven in-between. It is an alternative take on the past, rewriting what has been written before, and connecting dots of evidence that have been previously overlooked.

To put this series into context, one of the characters goes on to create the world’s first billion dollar corporation. Another sells his company for $900 million, the years thereafter making $59 million in dividends. Both these events occurred over one hundred years ago when the average wage was barely $1 a day. If you were to capitalise those figures purely for inflation, these men would each be worth $34 billion today. However, both went on to invest in the majority of the 20th Century’s greatest advancements, as well as running their own banks and funding the allies during the war. Therefore if you were to capitalise their wealth with a mere 5% return on top, these two families sit with over $2 trillion each.

This is why the story needs to be told, for it is the greatest story of our modern times.

Book One

With the Civil War on the brink of culminating, Abraham Lincoln dispatches his right hand man to meet with a group of businessmen who assisted The Union during the fighting. Lincoln realises that to rebuild the country will be the greatest challenge of his life and knows his aim will only be possible with the assistance of those identified – titans in their respective industries of shipping, railroads, construction and finance.

The beginning of the Gilded Age has truly begun and the businessmen identified take every opportunity to exploit their association. Yet, while the plan was for the group to work together; the men split to form their own factions, seeking to ruin one another and keep the spoils for themselves. Who will come out on top and win the ultimate prize? For the victors, their family-lines will assume absolute control over America for the rest of eternity…

Illuminati: A New World Order takes the reader from 1865 up until the Panic of ‘73, via a presidential impeachment, the opening of the Central Depot, the sinking of the Golden Spike and the founding of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as America transforms from a country bursting with potential, yet still broken by war, to a land fully connected by bridges and railroads spanning from east to west and with the foundations of the Brooklyn Bridge being sunk into Manhattan’s East River.

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