Book Two in this thrilling series of historical novels.

How would President Richard D Brown hold the country together as the American economy went into freefall?

Who were the individuals he could call upon to help him survive his second term?

Andrew John Harris is the man Brown turns to, and with his enemies no longer at his door, he is more than happy to provide a lending hand.

Follow the trials of the New World Order group as they attempt to turn America into a superpower, while all of those around try to bring them down …

Book Two Synopsis

With trouble brewing overseas and the American economy in freefall, President Brown goes in search of the only people he knows who can help. Brown realizes that to survive his second term he will need all his wits about him and knows it will only be possible with the assistance of his closest allies – the New World Order group.

Illuminati: Out Of The Shadows takes the reader from 1874 up until the dawn of a new era in discovery and innovation, via a Reciprocity Treaty, the World’s Fair, the telecommunications race and the Great Railroad Strike as America’s power and influence begins to spread around the world.

The industrialization of the U.S. has truly begun, and with his enemies seemingly no longer at his door, Andrew John Harris can’t help but expect for everything to fall into place. Little does AJ know how many people are working against him in secret, but he soon finds out the depths his rivals will plunge in order to exact their revenge. Who will come out on top in this high-stakes game of cat and mouse?