First and foremost, we are an Independent Publisher, and immensely proud of that fact. All that you see (and we hope you enjoy) has been lovingly created by our very own hands. We do not have a large corporate entity behind us and are simply seeking to spread our story by word of mouth and positive reviews.

And because we want you to focus solely upon the story, we have decided not to put any individual name on the cover, but rather, use the anonymous pen name 00100100. Derived from the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) used to create characters on electronic devices, the number represents the dollar sign…which is why it was chosen:

“This story is about the handful of people who built our world by relentlessly chasing the dollar over the past one hundred and fifty years, and so in that sense the book is indeed written by the dollar”

So if you are looking for a rip-roaring adventure of a read, that wants to do more than simply entertain, ILLUMINATI: A NEW WORLD ORDER may just be the book for you.